Thursday, September 27, 2012

Return to Ravnica card list - excel worksheet

I was looking for a simple, copyable list of the cards in RTR just to check some stats, but now that the LackeyCCG plugin (online card game software) has been updated, there's really no need for this. You see, LackeyCCG lets you sort cards by any stat and has filtering mechanims. Another place for looking at card stats is the site Tappedout is usually used to check deck stats, and displays them very nicely with a colored pie chart, but I guess you can just put all of a set into your deck to check stats for a whole set.

the worksheet: You can't see it here, but it even has artist names for the art savvy!
Still, even with these high-tech innovations, a lightweight list is much more responsive than a java-clogged website or slow program. I'm sure there're lot of ways to tweak and meddle with a worksheet, such as adding filters. You could also print out selected stats or fill in as you like as a checklist.  

Pro Tip: To hide a column, right-click and select Hide from the drop-down menu. To show a column, right-click both columns next to the hidden one and select Show.

Return to Ravnica - checklist worksheet (

Variables included in the worksheet:
  • Collector's number
  • Name
  • Color
  • Mana cost
  • CMC
  • Power
  • Toughness
  • Rarity
  • Rules text
  • Flavor text
  • Artist name
= 11 columns

Fact - When you make a plugin for LackeyCCG, you need a card list such as this, in worksheet format, to make the .txt-file that contains card information.
This sheet was made by copy-pasting information from a couple of sources, therefore, mistakes ought to have occured. Please leave a comment if you encounter any wrong information!


  1. Hey man,

    I loved your RTR list. Thanks! I am wondering if you have a list of Gatecrash already. If you do, would you post the link as you did this one?

    Thanks again!

  2. I second Chris's request! This spreadsheet has been a godsend for my other cards and I would love another one for Gatecrash!