Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FNM-promo October review - Evolving Wilds

Participants, or mostly,  winners at FNMs this October will receive a Evolving Wilds, as originally printed in Zendikar and later reprinted in M13 and in Innistrad with new art. The new art is by Sam Burley (also the artist of Supreme Verdict).

Evolving Wilds (this nice scan is from

Look at that art! Such beautiful light play and colors! It plays better out at grand scale - the huge wave almost seems to be in motion. Get a large-sized wallpaper at this address.

Functionally this is the same card as the Time Spiral Terramorphic Expanse. It is a very much used card for budget formats such as pauper and peasant, and of course, casual magic, when you simply aren't willing to shell out XX bucks for rare dual lands. Pauper players will love this alternate art for their decks. In limited it also shines, while it is less featured in constructed decks for loss of tempo. Some may choose to use it nevertheless as it fetches the land you need while thinning your deck.

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