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LackeyCCG - get started

 A game played in LackeyCCG -  a 3-player Vampire: the eternal struggle game (V:tes)

So I'm gonna talk a little about this program I use to test my draft skills every now and then, or just to check out new and old card sets. LackeyCCG is one of several applications that let you play CCG online against other people. It is a shareware program, currently free and currently working on systems Windows, Mac and Linux. An iPad version is in the works, as well. Unlike Wizards' own online product Magic Online, there is no rules enforcement in Lackey, but mostly that does not matter. It makes the program more versatile, as it is not limited to Magic only, and the programmer don't have to put all his effort into implementing the rules, which becomes more and more intricate with every Mtg expansion. Finally, when the program is not Magic-only, Wizard can't sue it either, as Magic just 'happens' to be a plugin someone made, a plugin in many.

Lackey lets you download plugins for a flora of different games, even dead CCGs. (Sadly, most people don't play more than one CCG, but that's their choice and their time, of course. Sadly I say, because there are many fun games out there). The crowds are playing Magic (like, 38 out of 43 players), followed by WoW, pokemon, V:tes and YuGiOh, but occasionally you might find a single or two players of other games. Recently, a fan-made My Little Pony-CCG has proven to be quite popular, puzzling me.

You can download the program here:, and if you scroll down, I'll give you some directions in getting started using LackeyCCG.
If you have any questions or suggestions, there's a lively community at the LackeyCCG-forum


For now you've downloaded and installed the program. Find the exe or a short cut and get it up and running. Now, to be able to do anything, you first need a plugin. A plugin is a set of information about a specific game, the card sets, what the buttons should say and where to download image files. When you start lackey for the first time, it automatically loads into the Preferences tab, showing the plugin window. Find plugins with the plugin finder, or alternatively - download the plugin list from the URL. Then choose your plugin from the drop-down plugin list, choose image quality, click download and restart Lackey when it has finished downloading.

Preferences tab selected: arrows pointing to the Plugin finder, drop-down plugin list and the quality of images
As you can see from the above image, all windows are tabbed at the top: Main menu - Game - Deck editor - Server - Plugin Creator - Preferences.

To make a deck, click the deck editor tab, and search for cards in the card search. Then drag them to your deck pane on top, and save your deck.

When you want to play, or test your deck, select the game tab. To load a deck, right-click just right to your avatar and name, in the left sidebar. Drawing cards, flipping a coin, rolling a die, passing the turn, untapping and other customizable actions have their own f-button attached. Key your buttons check them all out, it speed up the game a lot. You can change their allocation in the Preferences tab.

In general, just keep on right-clicking everywhere - that's the way you'll learn how to do things.

So you want to play with some other people, right?

That means you need to get on a server, so first, you need to be connected to the internet, or minimally, someone's local network. Select the server tab, click server, and choose download/refresh serverlists. You can either join a game already hosted, or, if there none for your liking, simply host one yourself.


You can customize the FX-buttons and the small buttons above your hand-pane (in the game window, showing things like "PoP" and /draw) to do and write things faster.

Some expressions often used:
PoP?- pass or play
pl - I'll play
kp - keep
go - your turn (go!)
np - no problem
nvm - never mind
g2 - another game? or, the second game in a match
gg - good game
ty - thank you

If anyone is suddenly disconnected from the game, this is MOSTLY DUE to either a) Lackey crashing, or b) server crashing

So, a little guide might help, yet if you still don't know your ways around, check the official LackeyCCG site for more support.
enjoy your games!

(updated 16sept 2012)

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