Tuesday, April 28, 2009


....and if you scratched the surface of the front of a foil card, you could see the metallic sheet shining through from under.

I used to collect pokemon cards, and tried to play the game, too. Everyonce in a while, foils would appear in booster packs. Foils with circles and with stars in them. But they were real foils cards, holographic foils, real metallic stuff, they were resistant to ANYTHING. Once, my Ditto (akin to the "Clone" mtg card) foil went through the washing machine, I was devastated - or just a little -  only to find that the card back was a bit damaged, the front and the back of the card had parted, leaving the holographic front totally unscathed! That's quality printing!

I first encountered foils on my first Magic draft, which was a triple timespiral draft (cards piling up at my seat, I drafted UG to hell, maining several Durkwood trackers and an Eternity Snare). In the rare pick at the end, I  picked this weird card (Chameleon Blur! the art = ???), it was kinda darker and shone...and I asked..."what the..Is that a foil? How funny..it isn't like the pokemon ones, it's not real....." At the end of the event, we all got our promo cards, all foil, them too...And then I played with them...Only to discover...

..they rip in the ends! You can peel of the foil tissue! They are easily damaged! WHAT A SCAM!!!! Foils really sucks! - especially when you're a noob who doesn't care for sleeving and unsleeving all the time. The card just selfdestructs!

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