Monday, April 27, 2009

Product changes following the release of Shard of Alara

With Shard of Alara Wizards introduce:
  • Land in booster packs
  • New rarity - the mythic rarity
Links to news: Changes as of Shards of Alara

Land in booster pack
Wizards now added land in booster pack, effectively reduzing their size to 14 - to make noobs easily obtain lands: Now, getting hold of land was never really a problem. You can get heaps of lands from some older players. SERIOUSLY, I KNOW SOME GUYS that have like 500 lands. And that is few. The only time it is a problem is for totally new players without a playgroup or community...

Secondly, originally there were lands in boosters, and then players complained about TOO MANY lands, urging Wizard to change this. It was changed. And now it's changed back. Urges me to say: this will be changed back sometime. can play without lands LOL

New rarity - MYTHIC RARE
Magic rarity got steeper: now there are four. I don't know the mathematics, but this wil replace the normal rare you pull in a booster pack. Meh, I don't care because I'm no collector or the kind of person seeking multiples, but I think it is not good for the game if they are made broken/overpowered, filled with abilities just to be or just because they are sooo mythic rare. Stupid. And market price just got higher. It reminds me of a similar situation that happened to another, now dead, CCG (Doomtown): how players complained and were alienated when the game changed to a less flat rarity (there were two originally). Why? Now you had buy three boxes to get playset of all cards.

Intro pack thing
I don't know what was before. Anyway, this starter pack will be called intro pack and serve as an introduction into the current sets, with some liner notes about set and game mechanics. BUT: they will only contain 41 cards - illegal as decks. And a third of those cards are lands. Why?

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