Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A two-headed dragon mini-tournament

I attended such one only yesterday. It was a constructed event. We were eleven people, so one guy decided to take up the task of playing two decks, making us 12 people, and three games every round. We only played one round, with three matches, though. I was teamed up with a guy with a pretty decent deck, saving me loads of times, still, half the games I was the one sending them down. In fact, we won the tournament, I would never have guessed from my usually bad singleton decks.We won because he had a-

Sometimes I hate constructed. I mean, if we would play single-player, I wouldn't stand a chance against people with decks filled with several 4-ofs bombs in their deck. I wouldn't stand a chance against people who have spent much more on the game than I do - both time and money. You have to be at the same level, to fully enjoy the game.

That's why I prefer multiplayer magic, as in 2HG. We two really cooperated and looked at eachother hands to make the best out of it. Limited is great too, except that it gets costly and that I don't really need all those cards. No one where I live wants to do build drafts or build sealed. I'm like - I want to play with ALL OF THE cARDS I ALREADY OWN.

Hmm...more about that in CARD WASTE post later, I guess. :)

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