Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Buying all those new cards

I know some magic players. Some of them have collections of over two thousands cards, one of them just started "playing", etc. buying, less than half a year ago.

What sickens me, almost, is the fact that most of all those cards are never put into play. They are not good enough, they bad. When you spend so much money, you will always end up with a lot of grizzly bear that will never see play. Even cards I myself would find good wouldn't be used, because there are more effective alternatives. And they go on to buy new cards when new sets are released and old sets rotate out, even if they have lots of cards already to play with. Change is good.

One of them is playing this Shards of alara block esper tribal artifact creatures deck. Hmhm, netdecking, anyone? Of course he's doing it thoroughly with multiple rares, with Master Transmuter, entering high-costed artifacts for nothing, and the other staple cards; such as Sphinx summoner, Tidehollow sculler blah blah. Firstly, it is boring to play with; I have tried myeself; everything is already set up and makes the game pretty similar every time. Secondly, it's tribal. That's what it really is: Wizards simply put colours on a lot of artifacts and gave them abilities that would work with them, cause, er, after all, they are artifacts too.

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