Friday, May 1, 2009


One of these days, I discovered the Planeswalkers. I was like -  a new card type, what is this?! (yes, I know it was introduced in Lorwyn, still...).
It is no creature, nor an enchantment, but another kind of permanent that acts like another player. It's a card that plays sorceries - every turn, for adding or removing a certain amount of loyalty counters. Each planeswalker enters game with a fixed amount of loyalty counters.

Planeswalkers are the manifestation of us, players, in a way. Cause in the magic flavourlogy, players are wizards (or from now on: planeswalkers) summoning monsters and Lightning bolts to kill the other wizards. Despite random mana screw and mana flood. Just the fact they are such a new thing makes a large segment of old players opposed to it. By Nature. And nonetheless, they are mythic. Rarity power creep money scheme. So for the people who care for constructed, they will have to get hold of these expensive cards that win you the game.

Maybe I'm just scared for no reason. They can be dealt with, and whenever a planeswalker shows up in a multiplayer game, the others team up against that player. Therefore planeswalkers are justified, or balanced, I feel, in multiplayer games, because you have to make that choice whether it's worth to play it, and if you play it, everyone will be on your watch.

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