Thursday, December 6, 2012

Drainpipe Vermin's tail

Advancing from black-and-white to colors
My second altering idea was just as simple as my first, just a little bit more advanced in the color department, now featuring orange and brown!
Partially altered Drainpipe Vermin
I just wanted some unimportant common card to do some small and easy work on to not feel overwhelmed, and I figured this conditional discard outlet Drainpipe Vermin fitted. At first I wondered if I could work out how to recreate the colors of the tail: there seem to be a kind of orange and a more purplish shade - this has to be a blend of...yellow, red and white? Add in some black for the darker shade, and eventually the colors matched! Yeah! MOTIVATION!
My palette when blending color. I try to waste as little as possible. Note the clean and strategically placed brushes
In hindsight I see that I failed to understand the shadow cast by the rat on it's on tail. The tail should be darker in front of the rat, because of the rat's shade. Light sources are still a pretty uncharted territory for me.

Another change resulting from toxic chemicals leaking into the drainpipes can be seen in the vermin's eye color. It is now yellow.

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