Tuesday, November 20, 2012

German basic lands (RtR) and a rhino token

My local drafting group sometimes bring in foreign boxes and packs for drafting. Magic is, after all, translted into eight different languages! Earlier this fall we drafted with Russian packs, after a couple of members had participated in tournament in Mosocw, and that sure was a confusing experience! You realize that even if you know every card by heart and picture, you still depend heavily on the text, especially when evaluting cards. At least it worked that way for me. It's similar to how musicians depend on the music sheets they always keep in front of them.

This rhino token, "Nashorn", would be "Neshorn" in my language Norwegian (another germanic language). Kreatur is Creature, and Those Long Words Verursacht Trampelschaden means "Causes trample damage"
This time there were german packs in the mix! I picked some basic lands, or "Standardlanden" as is their name in German. I was so fascinated, because German is the closest magic cards will ever get to Norwegian (my mother tongue). Some words are written just the same - example: Angel of Serenity is Engel der Reinheit in German, and that would be translated into Renhetens engel in Norwegian.

Here are pictures of the five kinds basic lands from Return to Ravnica in German: Ebene,  Insel, Sumpf,  Gebirge and Wald. Click them for bigger size pictures.

I wanted to display a larger version of this card for three reasons: 
  • we need green spaces in our life
  •  this is the odd one of the five lands
  • because the art is beautiful
  • But larger images hurts for people on slower connections
When scanning these cards I used 300dpi and the TIFF-file format, as it's better for editing than PDF. The cards are a bit brighter than I would like, so I edited light and contrast. There are some bright spots here and there, they are products of a dirt on the glass plate. Next time I will rinse with soap, NEXT TIME.

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